MicroBeton is a continuous cement and quartz lining with thin color (2 to 3 mm). Ideal for environments where a MicroCement finish is sought, but with a harder finish, suitable for commercial and exterior applications. A very good option!


Continuous self-leveling resin floor with 1-3 mm thick color. It does not require joints or gaskets and is applicable on floors and stairs. Apart from residential use, due to its properties, it is generally recommended for industries, garages and clinics...


NeoBeton is a cementitious lining with color that’s only 3 to 5 mm thick. It is recommended for high traffic places like shopping centers, small industries and hotels among others... Often used for decorative - high traffic floors. Get more information HERE!

PIEDREX | (Stone Clad Facing)

Continuous decorative stone clad facing. It is 8-15 mm thick. It offers infinite design possibilities, allowing you to create your lining the way you want, combining stones and colors. If you are looking for something new and original, read more now!

HORMIGON | (Smoothed Concrete)

This lining is a monolithic concrete slab, smoothed both manually and mechanically. It has an industrial look combined with a delicate finish. This floor can be used both in homes and industries of all kinds ... Interesting, is it not?


This is a cement and quartz based lining with 2 to 3 mm thick color for continuous lining of swimming pools, fountains and basins. It can be used on new or existing swimming pools, allowing for a complete renovation in no time at all!


Cementitious lining with textured color similar to stone, 2 to 4 mm thick. With this product one can obtain textures similar to concrete slab, granite and coquina, among others. It is ideal for outdoor use, due to its look and non-slip feature.


Revokolor is a fine textured lime and cement based plaster with color, which is applied 2 to 3 mm thick. The recommended use is for both indoors and outdoors, exclusively on walls. It is ideal for getting that "Tuscan style" look...


OXICRETE is an acid system used to patinate and oxidize cement surfaces, mortars or concrete dams. Get a vintage look like rusty iron or stone! Ideal for transforming old concrete surfaces. Good alternative to the corten steel...

ZATOH | Cement Tiles

ZATOH offers 1cm thick precast concrete slabs in a variety of textures and colours. Their versatility and possibilities for being used in all conditions: indoor and outdoor, is their highlight. Read More and get INFO

BETROX | Cement Furniture

BETROX Concrete Design is one of the brands that belong to the Lining and Furniture division of Grupo EDFAN. They develop very light weight cement furniture, for indoor and outdoor use. A modern look for your areas. Learn more +